EA Changes Loot Crates in Need for Speed Amid Battlefront II Controversy

EA Changes Loot Crates in Need for Speed Amid Battlefront II Controversy

Electronic Arts and Ghost Games have made some changes to the progression system of Need for Speed Payback.

"Our aim with these changes is to make the progression, especially around the ownership of cars a much more enjoyable experience", said developer Ghost Games.

Walke confirms that EA has been listening to community feedback, and that recent updates have been focused on improving player experience with progression, especially with regards to vehicle ownership.

The changes include a boost to the amount of REP and Bank awarded in a whole array of activities, including Bait crates, event participation, and Roaming Racer competitions. Air Suspension Shipments will now become more frequent, while the rewards for finishing a race outside of the top spot have also been "slightly" increased. Future updates will change the way tune-up shops work, particularly with regard to the quality and level of parts they have in stock. At release the game was widely criticised for its slow pace of unlocks and this seems to be the main thing changing; you'll get everything a lot faster.

The same increase in rewards also extends to bait crates, which are the catalyst for police chases. That furore has resulted in EA suspending microtransactions entirely.

It's worth noting that the previous progression update for Need for Speed Payback decreased the time it took for new parts to appear in Tune-Up shops, down from 30mins to 10mins.

Specifically, the studio increased the amount of rewards across multiple activities so that it takes less time for you to acquire performance improvements for your vehicle.

Competing against a Roaming Racer will reward you with increased Bank.

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"Today's changes are just phase one and we have further tweaks coming", the statement concludes.

Increased rate in which parts are rewarded within Ranked Speedlists.