Minecraft's The Update Aquatic adds new fish, shipwrecks, and treasure hunting dolphins

Minecraft's The Update Aquatic adds new fish, shipwrecks, and treasure hunting dolphins

The biggest announcement during the event was about the Update Aquatic that will bring all sorts of fishy content into the game including dolphins, explorable shipwrecks, tons of fish, kelp and new water physics to name a few. Furthermore, the cross-platform Switch multiplayer has also been delayed to the same year.

Game developer Mojang has announced that graphics upgrade meant for "Minecraft" has been delayed to 2018.

The huge graphics update for "Minecraft" will not be happening this year, as it has been delayed to sometime in 2018. Puffer fish, others species of fish, and underwater plants will all be present, but one of the most notable additions to the watery lineup are the dolphins that will assist you when it comes to collecting treasure from the ocean. The Super Duper Graphics pack and the new Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft are just both not yet ready to be rolled out, though hopefully the wait would not be too long. The new version of the game, meanwhile, will enable cross-platform play for Nintendo Switch owners, expanding the capability beyond the Xbox One and Windows 10, though not including the PlayStation 4.

In order to protect themselves in the new environment, players will also be getting a new water-themed weapon, the trident.

"Not only can this weapon be thrown at enemies and used in close-combat, it can also be enchanted for ace tactical advantages", said Tom Stone, creative communications assistant at Mojang.

Considering the many treats and surprises that the SuperDuper Graphics pack, cross-platform Switch, and The Update Aquatic are expected to give to the players, many are expecting it to be released in the first quarter of 2018.