Reports indicate that Samsung will improve their Facial Recognition with software updates

Reports indicate that Samsung will improve their Facial Recognition with software updates

Samsung already has face scanning aboard the Galaxy S8 series and it can be fooled by using high-res 2D photographs; this won't work on the iPhone X.

Samsung's support document doesn't offer any insight into what the SM-G888 family of devices is supposed to be, but that model number has been associated with the Galaxy X many times in the past.

What's interesting about the Galaxy X is that we haven't seen any leaks aside from reports detailing the phone and these certifications. According to reports, Samsung has first dibs on the new Qualcomm processor as well, just like it did with the Galaxy S8 series, where the USA version was powered by the 835 series from Qualcomm. A support page went up on Samsung's website for an SM-G888N0 handset, as spotted by Dutch-language site MobielKopen. The Dutch page Mobiel Kopen caught sight of the new section originally. For starters, the rumored Galaxy X will supposedly feature foldability, which is due to a series of hinges.

Because, you see, the Galaxy X is Samsung's first bendable smartphone, a device that's so complicated it might see a limited launch before Samsung is able to manufacture it en-masse.

The South Korean tech giant said users can apply for the program until Monday.

As some specialists point out, the development and release of an official support page usually signals the impending introduction of a new product. It is much slower though, but Samsung is aiming to improve this. This could mean we are weeks away from the reveal of the phone rather than months, as previously believed. This technology is now not available on any device except the iPhone X. The smartphone, however, is not expected to feature a fingerprint sensor embedded within the screen, as it will not be ready until the Galaxy Note 9. So, going by this calculation, Galaxy X will be launched around the second quarter (April-June) of 2018.