Sylvester Stallone responds to allegations of sexual assault

Sylvester Stallone responds to allegations of sexual assault

Sylvester Stallone's ex Brigitte Nielsen has insisted he couldn't have sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl in Las Vegas in 1986 because she was with him the whole time. The teenager, according to the report, said she was "very uncomfortable" but felt like she had "no choice" but to engage.

Michelle Bega, the spokesperson, said: "This is a ridiculous, categorically false story". No one was ever aware of this story until it was published today, including Mr. Stallone. After asking for Stallone's autograph on another occasion, she alleged the actor then asked her her age, and that she told him she was 16 years old. "It's completely false that I introduced a 16-year-old female stranger to Mr. Stallone near an elevator in the Hilton, or anywhere else for that matter".

The police were alerted to the matter when a hotel employee called after being asked by the girl's friend for advice about the incident. The police report says that "during the interview [the teen] became emotionally upset numerous times, crying and sobbing".

"The only people I introduced to Mr. Stallone were my relatives who visited me on the set".

The young girl decided not to press charges against the married men and signed a no prosecution form later on.

Neilsen, who is Stallone's second wife, began her career modeling for Greg Gorman and Helmut Newton and later acted in the 1985 films "Red Sonja" and "Rocky IV".

Stallone has denied all allegations of the girl.

Stallone's "Over the Top" costar, David Mendenhall, was said to have been the one to introduce Stallone to the teen, according to The Daily Mail. She claims she also performed oral sex on the men. After it was over, Stallone allegedly threatened her. When she said no, DeLuca entered the room and "forced her head down onto his penis", according to the police report. The Daily Mail has published yesterday the entire police report on its web site.

De Luca was shot and killed by California police at a traffic stop in 2013.

The "Rocky" star recently faced an allegation of historic sexual misconduct after it emerged an unnamed woman had claimed the Hollywood actor had "intimidated" her into having sex with him and his bodyguard Michael "Mike" De Luca in a Las Vegas hotel room while he was filming movie "Over the Top".