Tesla Launches a $45 Powerbank for Mobiles, Inspired by the Supercharger Monument

Tesla Launches a $45 Powerbank for Mobiles, Inspired by the Supercharger Monument

This is an exact replica of the Superchargers that Tesla uses to charge up its vehicles, but it's been shrunken down to fit on your desk and charges your phone rather than your auto. The Tesla Powerbank is now available in the Tesla shop.

Thankfully, if you're unable or unwilling to spend the cost of a house on a vehicle, there's now a Tesla product we can all obtain without breaking the bank.

Tesla has launched a portable battery, dubbed "Powerbank", and a Desktop Supercharger just in time for the busy holiday shopping season. The battery pack consists of a single 5V/1.5A 18650 cell which is technically the same lithium-ion cell used in all Teslas before the Model 3.

Tesla also unveiled the new Roadster, and called it the world's fastest production auto.

The new Power-bank from Tesla looks alike like the power-bank of Intex IT-PB 2.5k, and also different other portable chargers that are portable as well.

Tesla Supercharger
It doesn’t come with any bundled USB cables but then most smartphone users have a couple of spare lying around

Superfans will also note the design is based upon the Tesla supercharger monument that sits at the firm's Tesla Design Studio in California.

The Tesla Powerbank comes with USB, Micro-USB, Apple Lightning and detachable connections, to be able to charge a variety of devices. The dimensions of the Tesla Powerbank are 108 x 30.5 x 23.3mm.

The first, and arguably best, accessory is the Desktop Supercharger.

If you want to buy either of these things, you can find them buried on the Tesla site in the Lifestyle section, underneath the fancy driving gloves.