LA City Council opposes the FCC's possible destruction of net neutrality

LA City Council opposes the FCC's possible destruction of net neutrality

Ann Arbor activists joined protestors nationwide today to speak out against the FCC's planned rollback of net neutrality rules.

In Redding, a similar protest took place in front of the Verizon store on Hilltop Drive.

Net neutrality is when internet service providers treat all data on the internet the same and not charge based on user, website, or content.

Without net neutrality, do you trust your phone or cable company to behave themselves, or do you expect your bills to go up? The organizer of the Redding protests, Valerie Anderson, asked people to call Congressman LaMalfa and express concerns about the pullback from net neutrality.

It is ironic that advocates for the repeal of net neutrality claim that it amounts to government regulation of the internet. "We want Mr. LaMalfa to also commit to saying that he will keep net neutrality", said Anderson.

At one point, a manager and salesperson from the Verizon Store came out to hand out leaflets labeled "Verizon Supports the Open Internet", and told protesters that Verizon did not disagree with them. Having disliked the regulations since he was in the political minority on the commission, the Trump-appointed chairman Ajit Pai now has a 3:2 Republican majority to abolish them, which he plans to do at a commission meeting on December 14. So, [our protest] is two-fold.

The leaflet, however, did not endorse net neutrality, which Verizon has publicly opposed, instead supporting the "lightly regulated environment" of the internet before the 2015 net neutrality rules were implemented.

A district sales manager at Russell Cellular Verizon declined to comment, or to give his name.