Samsung Galaxy Note 8 unable to charge

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 unable to charge

According to the Galaxy Note 8 users, their devices are unable to turn on or charge once the battery hits 0% by chance.

However, as we are in the last week of December and nearly ready to welcome 2018, several Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (review) users have now reported that they are not able to charge their phones once their battery reaches zero percent.

Customers say that after the phone is fully drained, there is no way to power it back on.

He later talked to Samsung customer support who told him to try pressing various button combinations to reboot the phone, but none of the methods worked since the buttons naturally weren't responsive. In a statement, the company said it still has not received any official information about the issue. SamMobile has pulled together numerous forum posts and complaints that suggest this is more than just one or two isolated incidents. As reported by the, some users did get their smartphones replaced, while some others mentioned the problem to have occurred again.

Some people using Samsung's latest phone, the Galaxy Note 8, are complaining that it won't charge. In the video, he explains that he has tried a few things to see if the phone turns on, including a reset.

That's about all there is in the new software updates issued by Verizon. Not only is the Note 8 having this problem, but some users are also reporting that their Galaxy S8 Plus is also having the same problem.

The battery is the most controversial feature of any smartphone, be it the Apple iPhones that gets downgraded performance due to a decrease in the battery life or the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.