You Can Now Watch Netflix in HDR on Windows 10

You Can Now Watch Netflix in HDR on Windows 10

According to a few proof of concept videos released by the security researchers (see the first clip below), Windows Hello can be spoofed with a relatively low resolution laser-printed photo of the user taken with a near IR (infrared) camera, although the image must be slightly modified.

Even applying the latest Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, that fixes the exploit if anti-spoofing is enabled, might not be enough to block the attack.

Microsoft has quietly updated a security flaw in its Windows 10 "Hello" facial recognition system, which enabled attackers to authenticate simply by using a printed photo of the device owner. "If only the Windows 10 operating system is updated from a vulnerable version like 1607 to the latest revision of 1709 without newly setting up Windows Hello Face Authentication, the simple spoofing attack still works", explained the researchers.

To make the magic happen you will be required to have the Windows 10 Creators Fall (1709) Update installed reports tweakers. However, the attack was only successful on version 1703, the Creators Update rolled out in Spring 2017, and 1709, the Fall Creators Update now being rolled out, when anti-spoofing was disabled. Researchers recommend anyone using the feature to go back and set it up again after updating, while also making sure anti-spoofing is enabled. Holding the printout up to a locked device's camera successfully unlocked it.

Netflix's blog post notes its thrill "to announce the addition of High Dynamic Range (HDR) support on Windows 10 for both the Edge browser and the Netflix app", and says that "with this update, Netflix members who have a supported device and a premium plan can enjoy incredible Netflix movies and shows in HDR".

Unfortunately, you can't just hook up an HDR compatible monitor to your existing PC and expect to watch Netflix in its highest quality. Hello Windows has a feature called "anti-spoofing", and that feature must be turned on as well. In the case of Windows Hello, it may not be as secure as you thought.