Bill Belichick is done talking ESPN story: 'We're on Tennessee'

Bill Belichick is done talking ESPN story: 'We're on Tennessee'

"I think we're talking about a lot of inaccuracies [in the ESPN story]". In Chicago, the former quarterback at DE and then the Arena Football League will be trying to develop No. 2 overall draft pick Mitchell Trubisky.

The Patriots take on the Titans Saturday night in New England.

He added: "I think it's up to everybody to believe what they want to believe".

Belichick was then asked about a few parts of the ESPN article. I think that the Patriots are the standard, much to the chagrin of this guy Carlton from Tampa that calls to my radio show every day ... According to ESPN reporter Seth Wickersham, there's a lot of tension that exists within the Patriots' facility right now, and that tension could result in Belichick leaving the organization at the conclusion of the current season.

After a 377-word opening statement on the Titans and the challenges they'll present the Patriots in the Divisional Round, Belichick made it clear he wouldn't be responding to questions pertaining to the team's inner workings.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have built one of the NFL's great dynasties in New England. He didn't sound convincing. The Bears met with Nagy on Sunday and wasted little time hiring him. You can see why so many around here have jumped, and real high, at the idea of the Giants making some kind of play for Belichick.

There have been rumors of conflict among Bill Belichick Tom Brady and Robert Kraft
There have been rumors of conflict among Bill Belichick Tom Brady and Robert Kraft

The Patriots face the Titans at Gillette Stadium as they continue the defence of their National Football League championship, with the victor heading to the AFC Championship game against either the Pittsburgh Steelers or Jacksonville Jaguars. You have to throw away nearly everything you know and have seen of Brady, Belichick and Kraft for two decades.

Cincinnati also hired Bob Bicknell to replace wide receivers coach James Urban who left to rejoin John Harbaugh as the quarterbacks coach of the Baltimore Ravens. Kraft insists the meeting and the mandate absolutely didn't happen.

Of course, Belichick might be perfectly content with the Patriots, he might be willing to work through any issues or he might want out.

Track record - 2000, HC of the NYJ: 24 hours. There's a new brood taking over the spotlight. "And I would throw in there, since I was part of the article, I feel like I have a good professional relationship with Alex [Guerrero] too". They hugged on the stage during the trophy presentation at the Super Bowl previous year. Belichick obliged, receiving only a second-round pick from the 49ers in return. That has paid off in five Lombardis so far. The package ended up being third- and fourth-round picks in 1997, a second-round pick in 1998 and a first-round pick in 1999.

So the Jets did it to the Patriots once with Parcells.

If there's one thing Bill Belichick is good at, it's ignoring outside noise.