Brigitte Bardot calls #MeToo stars 'hypocritical'

Brigitte Bardot calls #MeToo stars 'hypocritical'

Bardot stressed that Hollywood actresses seduce producers themselves to get desired roles, "and then, to be talked about, they announce that they were harassed".

Veteran French actress Brigitte Bardot has dismissed actresses who have commented on sexual harassment via the #MeToo movement as "hypocritical".

Bardot said, "Regarding actresses, and not women in general, it is, in the vast majority of cases, hypocritical, ridiculous, without interest".

Bardot also said she was never herself a victim during her career, which began in the 1950s, and said she instead enjoyed some of the behaviour which many others would reject.

Bardot, a prominent sex symbol in the '50s, says that she was never a victim of sexual harassment and found it "charming" when men told her she was handsome or that she "had a nice little backside".

"I was never the victim of sexual harassment".

The former actress has been fined five times for inciting racial hatred with derogatory comments about Islam and Muslims.

The remarks came after another French actress, Catherine Deneuve, slammed the movement as "puritan" and useless in helping those actually suffering from violence and sexual harassment.

She later apologised to sex abuse victims after a backlash against the letter.

"Men have been punished summarily, forced out of their jobs when all they did was touch someone's knee or try to steal a kiss".