Chelsea Manning files to run for Senate seat

Chelsea Manning files to run for Senate seat

Ben Cardin in the June Democratic primary.

Manning filed her intent on January 11, according to a statement of candidacy filed with the Federal Election Commission. He has served two terms and is an overwhelming favorite to win.

Chelsea Manning, the former US army soldier jailed for giving sensitive documents to WikiLeaks, has filed documents to run for the US Senate, the Washington Post reported.

The 30-year-old Manning listed a North Bethesda address in her FEC filing.

Manning, whose name was formerly Bradley Manning, was convicted of 20 counts, including six violations of the Espionage Act. Her lawyers at the ACLU said that Manning served more time behind bars than any other whistleblower in USA history, and under hard conditions. While serving, she came out as transgender and ran a column at the Guardian.

Keeping an eye on was indicted 2013 for discharging secret military and State Department records, yet her 35-year sentence was driven by then-President Obama to seven years, beginning toward the start of her imprisonment in 2010.

The information Manning disclosed included low-level battlefield reports from Iraq and Afghanistan, Guantanamo prison camp detainee profiles and USA diplomatic correspondence.