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Ford Announces 2019 Ford Edge ST — Sharper Edge

Ford Announces 2019 Ford Edge ST — Sharper Edge

The Edge ST - the first application of the Ford Performance Team-enhanced trim level in an SUV from the Dearborn automaker - replaces the smoke-and-mirrors Edge Sport in the lineup.

With SUVs now dominating the US sales charts it's no surprise manufacturers are filling in the white spaces with new models, options and features.

Feast your eyes on the new Ford Edge ST, the sharpest version of Dearborn's midsize crossover yet. The Focus ST formally introduced Americans to FoMoCo's high performance program and the Fiesta ST built on the popularity of the Focus, offering go-fast-fans two different options when shopping for a small, high performance auto.

A new ST version was recently revealed as the hero of the Ford Edge SUV range in the USA, replacing the former Sport variant, but unfortunately it isn't likely we will see the revamped model here any time soon. As U.S. auto buyers continue their mass migration into utility vehicles, some are bringing along their preference for performance once sated by Taurus SHO sport sedans and Focus ST hot hatches.

Under the hood of the Edge ST will be the same 2.7-litre EcoBoost V-6 that's already in the Edge Sport, but in the ST it will be tuned to develop 20 horsepower and 30 lb. -ft. more torque that it does in the Edge Sport. However, it's not clear how much of that technology will make it on to United Kingdom versions of the Edge. The engine is paired with an eight-speed automatic.

New styling will set the ST aside from the standard updated Edge, with a wider mesh and side skirts ideally conveying a more powerful stance to the ST. Bigger brakes are standard on the ST, while an even more capable performance brake system is optional for more stopping muscle.

Of course, today's buyer requires more than just performance. Drivers can also manually shift using the steering wheel-mounted SelectShift paddle shifters while firmly positioned in unique Edge ST seating with additional bolstering.

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2019 Ford Edge Titanium

Further, owners would be able to upgrade the vehicle with an optional performance brake package and 21-inch wheels with sticky summer tires.

The ST isn't meant to be a track vehicle. Mercedes-Benz offers AMG versions of virtually every ute in its line-up. Standard all-wheel drive works with an ST-tuned suspension to get power down. "This thing is invigorating".

None of the bug numbers are out yet, but we expect the Edge ST to come close to the 17/24 mpg city/highway of the Edge Sport. And there's more gloss black to the rear.

On the outside, the Edge ST features a unique front fascia that bears a striking resemblance to the ST-brand cars.

In the US Ford has also improved the standard kit list on the Edge, but it's not yet know if that will be reflected on United Kingdom models.

The crossover - which has a strong following among women who prefer it to traditional minivans - now gets a suite of standard-issue driver assistance technologies, such as forward collision warning.

The vehicle has WiFi capability for up to 10 devices.