Google acquired Redux, a United Kingdom startup focused on audio and haptics

Google acquired Redux, a United Kingdom startup focused on audio and haptics

According to a recent article by Bloomberg, late past year Google sneakily picked up a United Kingdom -based startup called Redux that was working on some snazzy tech which can turn surfaces-like the screen on a phone or tablet-into speakers, and even provide more focused haptic effects.

Google did not provide Bloomberg with any details, including purchasing price or other acquisition information. This technology can free up space in the devices, creating room for batteries or other components. The company had 178 granted patents, according to its LinkedIn page.

A United Kingdom regulatory filing from December 2017 showed that Google subsidiary Google Ireland Holdings Unlimited Company, bought all the shares of NVF Tech, the parent company of Redux Laboratories. Stereo sound coming directly from the screens could make the phone look and sound slicker, and customers nostalgic for buttons and physical keyboards will spring for the improved haptic feedback.

Now, Alphabet company Google has reportedly acquired a company which could help with that headache.

The system by Cambridge-based Redux could eliminate the need for small speakers to be used in mobile phones. The Pixel 2 in particular had very thick bezels that's very much the same size as its predecessor. This technology has interesting ramifications and possible uses in Google's consumer lineup.

The last public communication from Redux was in April 2017, when it unveiled its Panel Audio technology, which uses haptic vibrations and "bending wave" sounds to turn smartphone and tablet screens into high-quality speakers.

According to Bloomberg, Redux was purchased via an Ireland-based subsidiary of Google at some point a year ago.

Google has made a concerted effort at CES to promote new features in its series of voice-controlled speakers.