Mark Wahlberg's Agent on Pay Disparity: He Doesn't Work for Free

Mark Wahlberg's Agent on Pay Disparity: He Doesn't Work for Free

Ironically, Mark Wahlberg's co-star, Michelle Williams, was paid according to the Screen Actors Guild guidelines, with a minimum of $80 per day.

Because Williams had already committed to return, Wahlberg had leverage: He was the only major missing piece and the clock was ticking.

According to Variety, a spokesperson for SAG-AFTRA, which is the union representing both the actors, said that the organisation is looking at the circumstances of the pay disparity.

Wahlberg left it to his representatives at William Morris Endeavor - which also represents Williams - to negotiate his compensation.

Director Ridley Scott chose to cut Spacey from the completed Getty family kidnapping drama after he was accused of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behaviour, and he called on Christopher Plummer to step in and play billionaire J. Paul Getty. He was replaced by Christopher Plummer.

Again as is typical, the main woman involved - Williams - realized what she needed to do to help salvage the project. Reshoots are complicated in production, based on matters like contract days and talent's willingness to participate.

Scott managed to assemble his cast and crew on short notice during the Christmas period, successfully reshooting and re-editing the film in time to meet its original release date.

Meanwhile, Williams had previously told USA Today: "I said I'd be wherever they needed me, whenever they needed me". When inequitable pay has become an issue in Hollywood in the past - as with Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams for "American Hustle" and

In December, Scott told USA Today that the undertaking was aided by the fact that "everyone did it for nothing". Scott said he wasn't paid for the extra work, and neither were any of the other actors.

Once the film's producers and Wahlberg's reps began speaking, the agents allegedly demanded the fee he received, threatening that he'd refuse to shoot if they didn't pay up. "I refused to get paid", Scott said, but "Christopher had to get paid, but Michelle, no".

The salary disparities were reported on by USA Today on Monday and the details were confirmed by three people briefed on the matter, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss private contracts. "But Michelle, no. Me, no".

Deadline reports that if Williams was paid at least union scale for the reshoots, there may be no violation of union rules, regardless of any outside deal any other actor may have negotiated. But the optics of paying the lead actor 1500 times more than the lead actress, if true, would be the latest example of the age-old pay gap between actors and actresses.

Publicists for Wahlberg and Williams did not respond to requests for comment.