Overwatch - New Patch Introduces League Team Skins

Overwatch - New Patch Introduces League Team Skins

The only territory that the game isn't being exclusively broadcast on Twitch is in China.

Some issues that could cause the fresh Overwatch map and its contents to get a delay include the discovery of errors that involve Torbjorn turrets being destroyed when placed on certain rides, in addition to several invisible collision zones need ongoing work so players won't get stuck in certain places.

Earning 9/10 in our original review, Overwatch is a fantastic first-person shooter with engaging mechanics and a host of charming characters.

In July, Activision Blizzard announced an e-sports league for the game that it hopes could eventually prove more lucrative than the UK's football Premier League.

The Overwatch League will receive at least $90M over two years from Twitch in exchange for streaming rights, according to sources.

In a press release, Overwatch League described the deal as "historic", saying that it ensured "that every match of the world's first major global city-based esports league will be readily available to fans across the globe".

"We wanted to drive significant viewership of the Overwatch League in its inaugural season and beyond", said Armin Zerza, COO of Blizzard Entertainment. Twitch will show every regular-season and postseason contest for OWL, which starts play tonight, and develop reward programs and new virtual merchandise for viewers.

"The Overwatch League was created to deliver an awesome and unique experience for players, teams, and fans", said Mike Morhaime, the CEO of Blizzard. Nevertheless, all the match-ups happening in North America, South Korea, and France will be broadcast throughout Twitch. This means that when games are going on, instead of opening a separate app or firing up your PC / mobile device, you can just select the "Overwatch League" option from the main menu.