PM warned 'patients are dying in hospital corridors'

PM warned 'patients are dying in hospital corridors'

Mrs May said that the cancellation of 55,000 appointments last week was "part of the plan" for the NHS this winter, but said of her Government's response so far "nothing is perfect".

He said Ms Sturgeon was directly responsible for failures in the NHS as First Minister and in her previous role as Health Secretary.

He said: "His son called 999 seven times only to be told that an ambulance was coming, not from the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary just 14 minutes away, but from Kelso".

She said: "It will take some time for services to recover from the pressures being felt this winter and for the spikes in flu levels to subside".

The Department of Health and Social Care in England said there was a "great deal of pressure" on A&E departments, but added that plans were in place to improve social care to free up hospital places as well as for the biggest expansion in doctor training places in the history of the NHS.

Mr Leonard continued: "First Minister, you've been found out by the people of Scotland".

"Mr Wilson then spent 13 hours on a trolley in a corridor in A&E before being admitted to a general ward".

In the meantime we would like to apologise to our patients for being unable to fulfil our pledge for a safe efficient service and acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the staff.

The figures also showed that a further 30 patients needed intensive care.

He added: "I've seen on the news your answer is, "well we are doing better than England".

"That is an 80-year-old man with underlying health conditions waiting more than sixteen hours for treatment".

"Despite these challenges patient care has not been compromised and we have clinical oversight of all patients in A&E at all times".

Last week's number of cases is four times higher than the figure recorded in the first week of past year when 24.6 people in every 100,000 had the virus.

It said it is now impossible to meet the standards set out in the NHS constitution alongside fully recovering performance targets, consistently maintaining high-quality patient care, investing in the NHS's capital requirements, and joining up services to deliver 21 century care.

The Nat leader made a grovelling apology as Mr Wilson's ordeal was revealed in Holyrood by Labour chief Richard Leonard.

Robison said: "Scotland's accident and emergency departments are continuing to outperform those across the rest of the United Kingdom - and indeed it is to the great credit of NHS staff that even at the height of these exceptional winter pressures, nearly eight out of ten people who attended A&E were admitted, transferred or discharged within the four hour target".

"We're 800 Global Positioning System short - that's her responsibility - 3,000 Scots are waiting for mental health treatment - that's her responsibility".

He added: "We are all proud of our NHS staff in enduring the conditions that have been created by Nicola Sturgeon, but is she really proud of what she has done to our NHS?"