Queen's bra-fitter regrets revealing book

Queen's bra-fitter regrets revealing book

June Kenton, 82, whose former firm, Rigby & Peller, was first granted the coveted honour 57 years ago, and has personally held the Queen's warrant since 1982, was dropped "like a stone" by the monarch in July and despite pleas for an explanation hasn't heard a word from the Royal Household since.

June Kenton, who still remains on the board of the luxury lingerie brand Rigby & Peller, said she was "absolutely killed" over the store losing the royals' endorsement, and says she regrets writing about the royals' intimate details in her 2017 book "Storm in a D Cup".

Ms Kenton insists her autobiography was no tell-all book.

Rigby & Peller's United Kingdom office and Belgian parent company Van de Velde were unavailable for comment when contacted by Lingerie Insight.

There are about 800 royal warrant holders, including individuals, small businesses and global companies. She stated that the monarch was half-dressed and that her fellow corgis were present at that time.

She also revealed that Diana, Princess of Wales used to accept posters of lingerie and swim models for Prince William and Harry to put up on their walls at Eton. "She's wonderful. I mean, don't you think she's incredible?" The book was not a kiss-and-tell.

She insists her autobiography not a tell-all book, and said she even sent a copy to Buckingham Palace when the book was published past year.

Rigby & Peller, which had held the royal warrant since 1960, said it was "deeply saddened" to confirm it had been cancelled.

"I have never, ever spoken about what I do there with her, or the Queen Mother or Princess Margaret", she added."I've been honorable throughout my life - it's unbelievable they don't like the book, there's nothing in it that they could remotely be upset about", Mrs Kenton added. "I am very sad Buckingham Palace took exception to the story - it's a kind and gentle story about what went on in my life".

The Royal Warrant Holders Association diligently catalogs these esteemed businesses: Burberry, for example, serves as the Queen's official weatherproofers, while Hunter supplies waterproof footwear (aka Wellies).

Buckingham Palace said: "In respect of royal warrants, we never comment".

'After all these years working for the Queen, the Queen Mother - for whom she also had a royal warrant - Diana....it is heart-breaking'.

"However, the company will continue to provide an exemplary and discreet service to its clients".