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Special weather statement issued for London area

Special weather statement issued for London area

The below-freezing temperatures are expected to arrive in the GTA after noon on Friday.

"Rain and patches of dense fog will continue to affect the area early this morning". However, in some areas, especially in valleys, the freezing drizzle may last into overnight. Rain will change to snow Thursday night with a hard freeze.

Environment Canada The weather agency warns that "mild and rainy conditions are expected over much of southern Ontario today, tonight and into Friday". Rain is expected throughout Thursday.

"A general rainfall of 10 to 20 mm appears likely, although some areas may see higher amounts", Environment Canada said. However, the criteria may be approached or reached in some places.

Morning flurries will change to rain showers later this morning, according to the most recent forecast from Environment Canada.

There may also be a brief period of freezing rain during the changeover.

"Ponding water, slush, and any falling precipitation will freeze as the temperature drops", Environment Canada said on its site.

Travellers were advised to be prepared for slippery driving conditions and to adjust travel plans appropriately.

It turns out the two-day reprieve from the biting sub-zero temperatures - after a weeks-long deep freeze that's prompted extreme cold warnings across Southwestern Ontario - was short-lived.