Women Accuse James Franco Of Sexual Misconduct

Women Accuse James Franco Of Sexual Misconduct

Golden Globe victor James Franco said accusations of sexual misconduct made against him on Twitter this week were "not accurate" but said in a television interview that "if I've done something wrong, I will fix it".

Many people were paying more attention to the Time's Up pin he was wearing than the Golden Globe award in his hand when he took the stage to receive one of Hollywood's top prizes.

Violet Paley and Sarah Tither-Kaplan, both students of Franco's at his Studio 4 acting school, alleged that the actor taught a class called "Sex Scenes" in which he urged students to go topless and participate in orgy scenes.

Accuser Katie Ryan, who claims Franco only approached her so that she would play "a prostitute or a hooker", told reporters that the actor was always very clear that actresses would be sought after for important roles only if they "were to perform sexual acts or take off our shirts".

Tither-Kaplan also alleged that Franco had removed vaginal guards while filming oral sex scenes, which the Times confirmed with another actress present. A fifth woman accused Franco of pressuring her into performing fellatio while the pair were in a relationship two years ago.

Paley, who was not one of Franco's former students, told the Times she began a romantic relationship with Franco in early 2016 after he said he would help her with a script she had written. They became involved in a consensual romantic relationship, but one day he allegedly pressed her into performing oral sex on him while sitting in her vehicle. "I was talking to him, all of a sudden his penis was out", said Paley.

"I just didn't want him to hate me, so I did it", she told the Times. He said that "if there's restitution to be made, I will make it". "I think, well, the ones I read were not accurate, but one of the things that I've learned is that this is a conversation that obviously needs to be had", he said.

James Franco has however addressed the allegations against him on two shows; "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" on Tuesday & "Late Night with Seth Myers" on Wednesday.

"Look, in my life I pride myself on taking responsibility for things that I have done", Franco said, before denying accounts of his behavior.

Seth: That we heard some fantastic things from some incredible women.

The casting director who worked on that movie disputes the claims and says there were no complaints on set and she "personally checked on all the actresses constantly to make sure they were ok and comfortable".

Her tweets were just some of the social media backlash that Franco faced. "She took the tweet down, I don't know, I can't speak for her", he continued. Franco's attorney has disputed all of the allegations brought forth in the story.