Women really are stronger than men, according to study

Women really are stronger than men, according to study

The age-old belief of men being stronger than women is debunked by the new study that shows that women today tend to live longer than men nearly everywhere in the world - in some countries by more than a decade.

Eleanor Roosevelt once quipped that a woman is like a tea bag.

This is kind of cool news, but the downside is that you have to go through starvation and slavery to really put this shit in action.

So, the former first lady would most certainly have approved of a new study which suggests women, far from being the weaker sex, are much more likely to survive a life-threatening crisis. Researchers observed the death rates of men and women who were faced with famines and epidemics or were sold into slavery across history.

Women were also found to be more likely to live to extreme old age than men and new born girls survived longer than new born boys during famines and epidemics.

At the height of the starvation, women's life expectancy dropped to 22.4 years, while men's dropped to 18.17.

In the Ukrainian starvation - caused by a disastrous collectivisation of agriculture - life expectancy dropped from 41.58 to 7.3 years for men, and from 45.93 years for women to 10.9 years.

Similar patterns emerged from the Swedish Famine of 1772 to 1773 and the Ukrainian Holodomor, a devastating famine that struck the country in the early 1930s. When starvation hit Ukraine in 1933, young females lived 50 percent longer than males.

The Ukrainian starvation was even worse: Life expectancy dropped from 41.58 years to just 7.3 years for men and to 10.9 years from women, down from 45.93.

The researchers found that, in all the populations, women had lower mortality across nearly all ages, and with one exception, women lived longer on average than men.

The only exception was in the Trinidadian slave trade, where men outlived women, but the researchers believe that slave traders have a greater incentive to keep male slaves alive, because they were worth more.

According to the researchers, the results indicate that women are biologically "hardier" than men.

Oestrogen is a known anti-inflammatory which also protects the vascular system, while testosterone is a risk factor for many fatal diseases. Estrogens, for example, have been shown to enhance the body's immune defenses against infectious disease. "Hey, women, we know you get paid less, but you get to better survive the worst period in history!"