Chicago TV station apologizes for PF Chang's Olympics gaffe

Chicago TV station apologizes for PF Chang's Olympics gaffe

The Friday piece was put together by sports anchor Mark Giangreco and asked viewers to make their own Olympic sports.

Station spokesman Jayme Nicholas apologized for the gaffe, telling the Chicago Tribune why the graphic existed in the first place.

P.F. Chang is a renowned Asian-inspired restaurant chain, which is known for its lettuce wraps and décor.

In a recent newscast, a graphic about the Olympics said the host city was the restaurant P.F. Chang's instead of the city PyeongChang.

However, things went terribly wrong when anchor Mark Rivera was introducing a report on the political backdrop to the Winter Olympics.

A spokesperson for the station told the Tribune that the mistake was actually the result of a graphics mix-up. But the Root proceeded to point out that using "P.F. Chang" as a satirical substitute for the word "Pyeongchang" is racist, even if the card's appearance on Saturday morning was a total accident.

Presenting the 2018 Winter Olympics-now with more sodium!

"Please tell me this didn't really happen", one user tweeted, to which someone else replied: "@PFChangs if team US gets over 35 medals, can you give away some free food?"

The station apologized for the error, but not before P.F. Chang's Twitter page poked fun at the error.