Donald Trump Jr. Blasts Olympian Adam Rippon Over Mike Pence Drama

Donald Trump Jr. Blasts Olympian Adam Rippon Over Mike Pence Drama

Rippon was referring to Pence's congressional campaign website in 2000, where he said resources should be "directed forward those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behaviour". "It's worth it, let me tell you". "I'm just an Olympian", Rippon said.

"To all those who tweet at me saying that they "hope I fail", I have failed many times many times in my life", Rippon wrote.

On Twitter, our favorite figure skater responded to any Adam Rippon haters who may be out there, also providing a great lesson in the optics of success and failure.

No conversation with Rippon is ever boring, and in this one he and Zhou joked with each other about their respective ages and styles. No way! I'm Adam Rippon! That I'm different, and I think on some level we all feel sort of different and when we are embraced for who we are and speaking our minds it's awesome.

Yet, even as he has daily announced his distaste for Donald Trump and Mike Pence, Rippon pleaded for Pence not to be a "distraction" for the Olympics and insisted that he didn't want his "Olympic experience to be about Mike Pence". Pence, an Olympic delegate for the USA, has always been against gay rights and has reportedly supported gay conversion therapy. "I keep telling her, can you believe we're at the Olympics and we're roommates?" He has become a social media sensation and he loves every minute of the attention, but the 28-year-old Pennsylvania native has an introspective side, too.

There was the humor again, though Rippon does have a serious message from these games.

"So proud to be wearing these medals and showing the world what we can do!" "When I was able to marry everything together, that's when everything fell into place".