Facebook Messenger adds new feature for Valentine's Day

Facebook Messenger adds new feature for Valentine's Day

When you declare that you are in a romantic relationship on Facebook, you will get a notification from Messenger that will open a conversation with your loved one.

Facebook has announced Messenger will bring a "fun and delightful" feature tomorrow on Valentine's Day, for those who decide to make their relationships "FB official".

"In the spirit of feeling all the feelings, we thought it would be timely to share how people in the Messenger community express their love and adoration", Messenger said in a blogpost on Tuesday. There will be heart shower on the screen of your chat conversation with your loved one. The custom emoji found in the lower right hand corner will also be the one with heart eyes.

These are exasperatingly gimmicky features, compounded by Facebook spamming you with another nudge to use its messaging service. Valentine's Day was one of the most popular and active days on Messenger last year - we're excited to see if that holds true for this year! And to brew it up more Facebook is launching its new update from Valentine's Day. Once a couple confirms that they are in a relationship, Messenger will automatically open up a chat between the parties.

Messenger would also invite the couple to customise their text colour, emoji, as well as the nickname. The Queen of Hearts, candy rain, and hearts-instead-of-eyes filters are making their first appearance.

More than 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger each month, and 70 million use it every day. You will find the camera at the bottom panel placed at the center with a heart icon. To add on, Facebook has also come up with a variety of fun filters and effects in the Messenger Camera.