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Gay Olympic Athletes Make History and Change the Game

Gay Olympic Athletes Make History and Change the Game

He is not competing as a figure skater in the Olympics right now, nor has he ever competed in the Olympics in any event.

When Adam Rippon was faced with tweets from his haters on Tuesday (Feb. 13), he chose to defend himself in the one surefire way that he knew how - channeling the energy of drag queens.

Rippon is expected to compete Thursday night Eastern time in the men's short program.

The president's son may not have heard Vice President Pence talking about Rippon, but he has. But to have so many messages, from people who I've never met, tell me they're so proud of me for speaking out, I'm just speaking from the heart.

"I described myself as "a little trashy and a little fun" to the Associated Press".

"I don't want my Olympic experience being about Mike Pence", he said. Rippon tweeted back to show his appreciation. Rippon said he wouldn't meet with someone who funded those programs like that, which have been widely discredited. And I think maybe that's what people are kind of latching onto, that my story's different.

Gay Olympic Athletes Make History and Change the Game
Gay Olympic Athletes Make History and Change the Game

Right now, it's a blast.

After Rippon's Olympic debut, where he helped Team USA secure a bronze medal in the team skate competition, Tirico asked the figure skater if the feud distracted him in his preparation for the Olympics. "We did it!'" he said during the interview over the weekend. He may have been using a tripod or, more likely for sports photographers, a monopod to get the job done. "The other day I was joking to one of my friends".

"I would say about 85% of skaters have suffered or are suffering with various forms of disordered eating", she said.

Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon, who has made headlines for helping the US team to a bronze medal in Pyeongchang and criticizing Vice President Mike Pence for his anti-LGBT record, has spoken up about eating disorders in men's skating, revealing that at one point his daily diet consisted of three slices of bread. It, not the end here, there are the lot more to come over the next few weeks. I've used my sense of humor as a coping tool. I'll be fine.' But I kept it together. "So I remember that and that's how I stay focused".

On the Olympics, team US racking up medals. "You're an embarrassment!" Here's the bad news for Grumpygrampa22: Unless he meant to insult a 37-year-old game designer in Oakland, California, he got the wrong Adam Rippon.