Low-Level Apple Employee Is Behind iOS iBoot Source Code Leak, Reports Say

Low-Level Apple Employee Is Behind iOS iBoot Source Code Leak, Reports Say

New features for the Apple Pencil and a toggle to mute notifications from specific threads in the email app have also been pushed out to 2019, as have redesigned home screens for the iPhone, iPad and CarPlay and a revamped Photos app. Some employees say that new features are being released with bugs to hit deadlines with dot-updates and major upgrades. Apple is now working on an iOS update codenamed "Peace" and a macOS update called "Liberty", expected to be released as iOS 12 and macOS 10.14, respectively.

Apple is slowing the pace on iOS updates, with the Cupertino firm allegedly opting to get absolutely right a smaller number of changes in its flagship iPhone software. On the other hand, sticking to what Troughton-Smith calls a "ruthlessly ambitious" upgrade cycle risks rushing out features before they're ready and undermining Apple's vaunted reputation for quality. Given the troubles Apple has had with its latest versions of iOS, focus on the fundamentals likely wouldn't hurt.

Apple's TV app now supports live news, a feature announced in September when company CEO Tim Cook introduced the new Apple TV 4K.

Apple did not respond to a request for comment on the report.

As Sinofsky points out, we tend to talk about development as if its three goals - the so-called "iron triangle" of quality of release, pace of change, and the adding of new features - exist in a zero-sum game. The company usually previews its next big update at WWDC, its developer conference over the summer, giving coders and app-makers an opportunity to get to grips with what changes are in the pipeline.

The change in its strategies is an uncharacteristic admission by Apple that its recent software updates have not been up-to-the-mark. As a part of this new strategy, Apple has already delayed some features, such as Messages on iCloud and Apple Pay Cash. The report reveals how Apple is giving its engineers the freedom to delay features that aren't polished.

Apple also expects to integrate iOS 11's cartoony Animojis into FaceTime, enabling participants with TrueDepth cameras to appear as various animated animals during calls.

iOS 12 will be run according to these new plans, but that doesn't mean the OS won't include new features. The codenamed software "Peace" is expected to develop universal apps which can work across Apple's ecosystem of devices.