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Trump daughter-in-law targetted in suspected mail attack

Trump daughter-in-law targetted in suspected mail attack

The letter was addressed to Donald Trump Jr. and was sent to a Sutton Place home owned by him but occupied by his mother-in-law, who gave it to his wife Vanessa.

They appear to be fine, officials said.

The letter was addressed to Vanessa Trump's husband, Donald Trump Jr.

Trump Jr. requested that his Secret Service security detail be removed last November, but it was reinstated the following week. "This is an active investigation and we can not comment any further".

Three people, including Vanessa Trump, were hospitalized for precautionary reasons after the letter was opened, NBC News reported Monday afternoon.

Two other people who were in the NY apartment at the time, not thought to include Mr Trump Jr, were also taken to hospital for precautionary examination.

The NYPD's Intelligence Bureau, hazardous materials team and the Secret Service were part of the investigation.

Donald Trump Jr., called the letter "disgusting" in a tweet Monday. Vanessa Trump and two other people were home at the time.

Vanessa Trump, the wife of the president's eldest son Donald Jr., was hospitalised after she complained of nausea following her exposure, NY officials said.

The daughter-in-law of President Donald Trump was hospitalised after she complained of nausea after her exposure, New York Police stated.

The incident was eerily similar to the "anthrax letters" that rocked the Washington, DC area following the September 11 terror attacks; killing five people and infecting 17 others with the deadly bioweapon.

The U.S. Secret Service is also investigating, the NYPD said.

Both Donald Trump Jr and Ivanka Trump have commented on the incident on social media, both asserting that it is an very bad act that should not be inflicted upon anyone.

"I know the President spoke with her", Sanders told reporters at the White House press briefing. Copycats emerged, and more envelopes containing innocuous white powder led to waves of anthrax scares following the initial deaths.