'Elsa' Pushes Boston Police Van Out of Snow

'Elsa' Pushes Boston Police Van Out of Snow

After one huge push, the van appears to roll free - only to slide back into deep snow, prompting Elsa to give an exasperated hand-gesture to those watching her struggle.

Fortunately, for the Boston cops, Jason Triplett, 37, had purchased proper winter clothing for pushing a Boston Police wagon out of the snow: Queen Elsa's costume from Frozen.

Boston received over a foot of snow following March's third nor'easter.

The video has quickly gone viral since it was posted, with more than 577,000 views, 18,000 shares and more than 8000 reactions. The heroic princess then curtsies on the street toward the bar as the video nears its ending.

In the clip you can hear people inside the restaurant cheering on Elsa and shouting out things like "Let it go!"

"Yup, that just happened. Only in the South End and The Gallows". "If that sentence doesn't perfectly encapsulate the spirit of Boston, I don't know what does".

Social media, of course, criticized Haynes and the others for not helping.

Because the cold never bothered her anyway! City schools will remain shut down Wednesday and people are being asked to stay off the roads while cleanup continues, since "Elsa" can't be everywhere to help stranded motorists.