Final Fantasy 7 Remake Job Listing Seeking Person to Boost Quality

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Job Listing Seeking Person to Boost Quality

Knowledge of Final Fantasy 7 is not required, apparently, as the publisher hopes the new recruits to inject fresh ideas into the remake.

Despite Square Enix not revealing much, it seems like the development of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is proceeding as intended. We tell you this because Square Enix is looking for new staff to complete this long-awaited title.

Square Enix plans that the return of the RPG is a success and the fans are satisfied with the results.

"We are constantly examining the program within the development team, but while it is satisfying to say that the original is reproduced with high quality graphics, We have reached the conclusion that we should aim for a step further in quality so that can meet the expectations of fans". It is entirely possible that the Final Fantasy VII Remake is a few years away at best, especially with Final Fantasy XV still being supported until at least 2019 with four more planned DLC Episodes. The job listing also indicates that the level designer would be a central member of the development team. On the other hand, thanks to the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Exhibition we were able to see some new images of the new game.

On Final Fantasy XII, Vayne is the eldest son of the supreme ruler of the Archadian Empire, which has invaded the nearby kingdom of Dalmasca as a first move before starting an all-out war with Rozaria.

Level planners are responsible for the workflow of the location development, as well as the level designs for each location and data implementation using Unreal Engine 4, which powers the Final Fantasy VII Remake.