Fitbit Doubles Down on Smartwatches With Versa

Fitbit Doubles Down on Smartwatches With Versa

The Fitbit Versa is available for pre-order at the Fitbit shop for $200/€200/£200.

In the world of smartwatches, there aren't many players left.

Fitbit wants to widen its smartwatch customer base, and on first glance the Versa looks like a step in the right direction. United States or Australian pricing has yet to be confirmed, so that may be a bit different when we hear from Fitbit.

Fitbit just announced two new devices.

But in the long run, I think Fitbit's female-focused software features will be more meaningful than the Versa's Apple-inspired design. The woven bands are exclusive to the Special Edition.

The resolution looked good and while there are thick bezels around it the screen seemed responsive in our limited testing time flicking through apps.

If you already know the Ionic, you'll know a lot of the fitness features included here. The Versa does have a connected Global Positioning System feature, though, meaning you can map outdoor activities when you're bringing your smartphone along for the ride. If you don't want them to see their friend requests, you can turn that feature off. More importantly, it is also missing Fitbit Pay, which is not widely available yet in any case, but maybe more felt in the future. Exactly how this will work in the pool is a little unclear, but we'll take it for a dip when we get one to try it out.

Park pointed to health matters such as diabetes, heart health, sleep disorders, and mental health as areas where Fitbit devices and the data they collect could potentially help medical professionals make diagnoses and treat patients. You can preorder it now from the Fitbit website and it will ship sometime before mid-year. It also comes packed with the Relax guided breathing tutorials we've seen before. The sensor has the potential to track blood oxygen levels, which can be applied to monitoring health conditions such as sleep apnoea. The biggest addition is something called the Fitbit Dashboard: swipe up from the bottom of the Versa and you'll see your activity, heart rate, tips and tricks, guidance, weekly and daily health and fitness stats and exercise summaries.

The Fibit Ace is an activity tracker that's created to make fitness fun for kids eight-years-old and up. It's worth noting that these will become available across all Fitbit devices, but with a custom experience for Versa and Ionic owners. It has access to Fitbit's App Gallery, which has added over 550 apps and clock faces since its launch last summer. That is not the only thing Fitbit is banking on though. Fitbit's Deezer partnership is going global, while users in the United States also get Pandora (sorry, Europe).

The goal for Fitbit Ace, the company says, is to encourage kids to build habits around being physically active from an early age.

Some annoying niggles have been addressed too - Android users will now be able to do quick replies to messages (IOS support is apparently coming later), and you download up to 300 offline tracks from Deezer for running motivation too.

Unlike the Apple Watch, the Versa has a much better battery life, lasting for at least four days on a charge, according to the company. We will bring you a full Fitbit Versa review as soon as we can.

Smaller and arguably prettier than the Ionic, the Fitbit Versa is billed as the "lightest metal smartwatch in the US", although the exact weight of the device is unspecified.

Fitbit Versa [is] a modern, intuitive smartwatch at an approachable price.