Jhene Aiko Dispels Big Sean's Cheating Rumour

Jhene Aiko Dispels Big Sean's Cheating Rumour

Jhené Aiko and Big Sean. She followed up with a tweet that read "The internet is a wild place it's a whole other reality". Social media users conducted their own investigations to find out whether the rumor was true, and lo and behold, Jhene was no longer following Big Sean on Instagram. However, this also means that even the slightest hint of discontent can send their fans into a tailspin of speculation, which is exactly what happened last night after a gossip blog claimed that Jhene had caught Sean cheating with Nicole Scherzinger, formerly of The Pussycat Dolls. However, many of her dozens of pictures featuring Sean from over the past year mysteriously disappeared as well. "They looked like they were a couple".

"[Jhene] was pissed, she confronted [Sean] about it and he didn't really deny it", they wrote of the couple's alleged encounter after Aiko "found out" about Sean's infidelity. The Double or Nothing MC and his girlfriend, singer Jhene Aiko, took to Twitter to deny the rumors.

Monday wasn't the first time Aiko took to Twitter to respond to rumors. The alleged infidelity was made all the more tragic since Aiko got Big Sean's face tattooed onto her arm past year. Though she admitted to seeing another man while in a relationship, she didn't betray her ex-husband.

Aiko and Big Sean's relationship has been tabloid fodder after she got a portrait of Big Sean's arm on her forearm in October, days after her divorce from Dot was finalized.