PM Explains Talks With US President Donald Trump Focused Mainly On Iran

PM Explains Talks With US President Donald Trump Focused Mainly On Iran

President Donald Trump reportedly informed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the United States will not be flexible with European powers in negotiating changes to the stipulations and limitations around Iran's nuclear program.

He said, "Last Friday I returned from the USA where I met with the President of the United States, a great friend of Israel, Donald Trump".

Trump told Netanyahu that he was seeking "significant changes" to the 2015 deal, but that so far European powers Germany, France, and the United Kingdom have so far only offered "cosmetic changes", a report published Sunday by the Axios news website said.

Trump is demanding "significant changes" to the Iran deal, not just additional agreements between the US and the European nations, and said he would pull out of the deal if those changes aren't made, Israeli officials told Axios. A large part of it was devoted to this issue. I said that the nuclear agreement with Iran contains within it many dangers for the world, including the special danger of the nuclearization of the Middle East.

Fresh off talks with Trump, Netanyahu vowed in a barnstorming speech at the AIPAC conference in Washington that Israel would never allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon.

The Iran nuclear deal was agreed to during the Obama administration.

The move is the latest in a series of measures by Washington aimed at dealing with one of the greatest diplomatic hurdles before Donald Trump's administration, to contain the regime in Iran while keeping up to America's worldwide commitments within the JCPOA. Earlier this year, the President waived sanctions to give our lawmakers and our allies time to act.

Trump set May 12 as the deadline for reaching an agreement on how to change the Iran deal with the three European countries.