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Senator Jeff Flake calls for Trump to face 2020 primary challenge

Senator Jeff Flake calls for Trump to face 2020 primary challenge

A prominent Republican critic says President Donald Trump should be challenged in 2020 by a candidate who opposes tariffs and objects to Trump's full-throated attacks on political opponents and the media.

Mr. Trump has all but declared that he will run for reelection, unveiling his new campaign slogan at a Saturday rally in Moon Township, Pennsylvania: "Keep America Great!"

The orders were signed over the objections of more than 100 congressional Republicans, who urged Trump in a letter to at least pare back the scope of the tariffs.

Toward the end of the interview, Flake bemoaned the state of his party, expressing dismay at how it has evolved in the last few years. Since announcing his retirement in October, Flake has launched speeches on the Senate floor questioning Trump's fitness for office and calling his behavior "dangerous to our democracy". "The problem is when you say, "Let's have tariffs, but let's couple that with uncertainty" - that's nearly worse, " Flake said.

On Thursday, Trump signed two executive orders that will enact broad tariffs of 25 percent on steel and 10 percent on aluminum. "Those are dual poisons to the economy".

GOP leaders are shying away from a direct confrontation with Trump over trade, and signaled Monday that they won't try to pass legislation to override a president of their own party. "I think we're going completely the wrong direction, " he said.