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Stormy Daniels Crowdfunds Legal Fight Against Donald Trump and Michael Cohen

Stormy Daniels Crowdfunds Legal Fight Against Donald Trump and Michael Cohen

Trump through his spokeswoman has denied the affair, though the president himself has not publicly commented.

But Cohen admitted to paying Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, $130,000 before the election, and White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders acknowledged the existence of past arbitration between Trump and Daniels during a press briefing last week.

At the time of writing, Daniels has already raised around $28,000 from over 1,000 people.

Any historical analysis of President Donald Trump will create a certain level of bewilderment as to how he could have won the American presidency.

Daniels has been adamant that she will find a way to tell her story. Daniels has not said anything, per the NDA, though she played coy with Jimmy Kimmel leading the late-night host to believe the affair had happened.

When the news first broke, the adult film star signed a statement regarding the denial of "hush money", and sent it to Trump's attorney, Michael Cohen.

A hearing for the suit has been set for 12 July at the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

"The judge is 'being vetted for an appointment to the federal bench by the administration", Avenatti said, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Daniels also has launched a crowd-funding campaign for legal fees. On Wednesday morning, Avenatti tweeted a photo of Clifford sitting across from Anderson Cooper, the CNN anchor and 60 Minutes contributor. It seeks contributions from $10 to $200.

"Rather than agree that the NDA is invalid, thus allowing me to talk, Mr. Trump and Mr. Cohen have instead attempted to hide the facts from the public using a bogus arbitration proceeding and have threatened me with millions of dollars in damages if I tell the truth about what happened", Daniels said on her site.

"I think that there is going to be some embarrassment here that they can't avoid, and I think their strategy needs to be to accept the embarrassment and try to avoid any more serious legal problems for themselves", Super said. And for that I am grateful. In her complaint, Stormy alleges that "Mr. Cohen, through intimidation and coercive tactics, forced Ms. Clifford into signing a false statement wherein she stated that reports of her relationship with Mr. Trump were false".

"You said its not just words - I mean, is there a sex tape?"