Taiwan hiring outlook highest in Asia-Pacific region in Q2

Taiwan hiring outlook highest in Asia-Pacific region in Q2

Florida employers expect to hire at a rapid pace between April and June, according to a quarterly forecast by staffing company ManpowerGroup.

Erica Melarangeli of Manpower's Stoney Creek office says the outlook for Hamilton shows an increase of 12 percentage points when compared with the outlook reported during the same time past year, indicating an optimistic hiring pace for the upcoming months. "In the coming times, technology will change the job market dynamics and individuals need to adopt skillsets to remain employable", said AG Rao, group managing director at ManpowerGroup India. Meanwhile, the weakest Outlook is reported by Manufacturing sector employers, standing at +9%. While there won't be layoffs, hiring as such will be lower than in previous quarters. The wholesale and retail trade sectors in the country are the most upbeat about hiring, followed by services, finance, insurance, and the real estate sectors, the report said. Similarly, employers in the Services sector report a decline of three percentage points compared to the same period in 2017. When compared with 1Q 2018, hiring prospects are five percentage points stronger in Gauteng, and improve by two percentage points in KwaZulu-Natal.

"Survey data reveals that 10 per cent of employers plan to hire for the upcoming quarter (April to June), while three per cent anticipate cutbacks", Erica Melarangeli of Manpower's Stoney Creek office said in a press release.

ManpowerGroup said the net hiring outlook of the engineering/construction sector and the retail/wholesale sector stood at 26 percent, ahead of the transportation/warehousing/communications sector's 21 percent and the leisure/food/hospitality sector's 17 percent.

Among the generally positive hiring trends expressed for the Asia-Pacific Region, the country that expressed the most caution was China (+8 percent), where companies have shown only a minor increase in optimism towards hiring over the past three consecutive quarters.

Across the country, ManpowerGroup forecasts a strong hiring climate, with nearly 30 per cent of employers predicting they will hire employees in the second quarter.

IN employers expect to hire at what ManpowerGroup describes as "a confident pace" in April, May and June, according to survey results released today.

The local number outpaces both the first-quarter outlook and last year's second-quarter figures. Some upward momentum is detected in the year-over-year comparison with forecasts improving in 25 of 43 countries and territories, declining in 13, and remaining unchanged in five.