Bloomfield Police Apprehend Armed Robbery Suspects

Bloomfield Police Apprehend Armed Robbery Suspects

The Wichita Police Department is seeking the public's help in locating an SUV that was stolen from an employee during an armed robbery.

Moline Police are investigating a reported armed robbery Monday morning.

They say the incident happened on April 3, around 10 p.m.at the San Marco Shell at 4620 Woodville Highway.

The 17-year-old said he had set up the deal on the social media platform Snapchat with two fellow Bryant High School students.

The employee complied and said the suspect then ran out of the business in an unknown direction.

HPD Detective Jake Isonhood is seeking information regarding other individuals said to have been involved.

"The suspects are described as all being in their mid-twenties, between 5'08" and 6'0" tall with medium-brown complexions.

During her appearance the court heard the man was allegedly the main offender and it was believed he might be staying with family in New South Wales.

Later in the day, officers were notified that a man with a gunshot wound had entered a hospital, who police later identified as Travis.

The police said: "FTB bank received the information from City Bank from the US about transferring money for 50,000 Dollars to Nigerian couple account at FTB bank on March 26, 2018".

According to police, a black male with short hair and a beard took an unknown amount of money from the store and a customer before fleeing on foot.