Britain, France say they joined strikes on Syria

Britain, France say they joined strikes on Syria

Overnight, Britain launched a joint operation with USA and French military forces to hit locations known to be involved in the production, use and storage of chemical weapons.

"We have hit a specific and limited set of targets", she said. "The opposition does not operate helicopters or use barrel bombs".

When asked if Syria's Assad could remain leader as long as he refrained from further use of chemical weapons, May said: "This was about, as I have said and you have recognized, this was specifically about the use of chemical weapons".

"We have seen a regime appearing to think they can use chemical weapons with impunity".

"This is the first time as prime minister that I have had to take the decision to commit our armed forces in combat - and it is not a decision I have taken lightly", she said.

"Nobody should doubt British resolve", she added.

He reiterated that Canada condemns the use of chemical weapons in Ghouta.

"I have done so because I judge this action to be in Britain's national interest", she added.

"I believe that the action taken will have significantly degraded the Syrian regime's ability to use chemical weapons", she said.

       May Strikes are not about regime change
Video May Strikes are not about regime change

Syrian state media reported 13 missiles were shot down by anti-air defences.

"We are prepared to sustain this response until the Syrian regime stops its use of prohibited chemical agents", the United States president said in a televised address. "It is not about regime change", May said in a statement.

The 61-year-old politician expressed that Syrian regime had continued to use chemical weapons and will continue to do so affirming that 'this must be stopped'.

According to the Russian military spokesman the situation in Damascus and other cities in Syria is now calm.

Konashenkov said that Russian Federation knew "for sure" that between April 3-6, the White Helmets - a group which helps civilians in opposition-held territory in Syria - were "under severe pressure specifically from London to produce as quickly as possible this pre-planned provocation".

"Theresa May should have sought parliamentary approval, not trailed after Donald Trump", Corbyn said.

Former Labour foreign secretary David Miliband, now head of humanitarian relief group the International Rescue Committee, said military action needed to be part of a wider political strategy. The barbaric and intolerable use of chemical weapons should never go unchecked.

A North Atlantic Treaty Organisation meeting will be held on Saturday during which the UK, France and the U.S. will brief allies on the action taken in Syria.

At this time, my thoughts are with our courageous British servicemen and women - and our French and American partners - who are carrying out their duty with the greatest professionalism.