Canada embraces #jerseyday in support of Humboldt

Canada embraces #jerseyday in support of Humboldt

This is Jersey Day across the province, a day when thousands will be decked out in green and gold in tribute to Humboldt, Saskatchewan.

Instead of posting a picture on social media of hockey sticks out on her doorstep in Lively, she chose to instead draw a picture of the #SticksOutForHumboldt.

Michelle Moison, wearing a Montreal Canadiens jersey, dropped some money in the bottle as the mother of three children who play travel hockey.

Saskatoon Sports Tourism is asking people to take that message to heart this weekend by joining friends, neighbours and family to play street hockey.

"Last week, we had a national tournament here in Green Bay, so there's probably a bunch of teams, a bunch of buses that were all closely tied to this tragedy and they were travelling as well", says Officer Matt Knutson.

It started with #PutYourSticks out, a spontaneous trend on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram which saw people post photos of hockey sticks placed on their porches in a salute to those killed in the crash.

Meantime, a local hockey superstar offered his support to Humboldt. "It really means a lot that we can raise all this money and show our support for the families and all the grieving".

The director of the Commission scolaire des Laurentides says the administration of the high school in Ste-Adele met with students Friday to discuss the tragedy and the various ways of honouring the 16 victims of the Saskatchewan crash.

"Let's show them we got this".

Concours Mold Inc. workers Lisa Boutette, left, Ali Wollocombe, Amanda Antunes and Darryl Evans, right, wear sports jerseys as they take part in jersey day for the Humboldt Broncos hockey team and their families.