"Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls" Game Revealed for iOS

Konami has announced Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls, a new action game entry in the Castlevania series for iOS devices. Konami has not announced a release date for the game. Selected testers will be contacted by e-mail around mid-May. It seemed like an eternal peace came upon the world. Unfortunately, it also looks like he's miraculously being resurrected according to a letter sent to protagonist Genya Arikado (not a Belmont!). It read that the grimoire went out of control and Count Dracula lives again. Strengthen your favorite character and take on the powerful enemies that block your path forward!

Considering the game features real-time global co-op it would be safe to assume the game will be making it's way to other regions at some point. And it sounds like you can revive your allies that have fallen with an ability called Soul Resurrection.

-A four-player co-op boss rush.

-Music from previous entries in the Castlevania series. The game looks to have traditional 2D-style Castlevania visuals in mind, which is good news.

Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls is now exclusive to iOS devices and has a to-be-determined release date. However other characters from Castlevanias past will also be available.

Genya ArikadoA mysterious person belonging to the confidential organization of the Japanese government. Currently, only a handful of people know his true identity as the only being with the power to fight against Dracula. While he has unworldly good looks, he is unsociable and hard to approach. LucyA female researcher who works for research institution of v. Dracula. For instance, Lucy is a proficient magic user while Arikado is more of a melee fighter.