Commonwealth Games Chief Admits They Utterly Screwed The Pooch Last Night

Commonwealth Games Chief Admits They Utterly Screwed The Pooch Last Night

Many athletes were seen leaving the stadium while the closing speeches were still in progress, reports Xinhua news agency.

There Was some controversy around the ceremony, as organisers chose to bring in many athletes - including the 474 strong Australian team - before the broadcast of the event started.

Seven presenter Johanna Griggs, a 1990 Commonwealth Games swimming bronze medallist, teed off at organisers, after viewers initially expressed frustration with the broadcaster when athletes were left out. "They made a decision not to have athletes enter the stadium".

Athletes from 71 countries and territories participated in the 21 Commonwealth Games held over a period of 11 days featuring 275 events in 19 sports.

TV viewers didn't get to see Australian flagbearer Kurt Fearnley enter the ceremony.

"I am sure there are plenty of athletes and parents of athletes from all around the Commonwealth who would have loved to see their guys coming into the stadium and Peter Beattie saying they did get it wrong and, yeah, they did mate", Fearnley said.

Beattie said they "got it wrong" and that athletes should have been part of the ceremony.

"The people who are angry are justified".

The Games also featured their first transgender athlete, New Zealand weightlifter Lauren Hubbard, who was warmly welcomed by the crowd and also endorsed by organisers.

"Unfortunately tonight, the hosts - the organising committee - together with the host broadcasters, just didn't get it right", Griggs said.

"Epic flop" is more appropriate tbh.

Beattie also acknowledged that the formal part of the proceedings was excessive. Yes, we did get it wrong.

She noted the closing night was particularly important for swimmers because heavy first-week programs meant they usually skipped the opening ceremony.

"At the end of the day, we appoint an agency to run the day to day operations of the Games", Palaszczuk told reporters.

"Not have him be there for five seconds, take the flag away and proceed to go to a show that doesn't show any athletes until the last five minutes when they realise social media was lighting up".

Said Botes: "It's been a privilege to be given the opportunity to represent my country at such a prestigious event and to be able to rub shoulders with some of the best athletes in the world".

It was the ideal tonic the boxer needed to do the one thing she hasn't done yet - win a medal at the Commonwealth Games.

"It was a little disappointing with the athletes being brought in before the actual ceremony began", Brandt said on Australian Television on Monday.

The closing ceremony included a section for Usain Bolt, who was in town to support his old Jamaica teammates and stepped in to do a guest DJ stint.

"Athletes and coaches that could not make it to Gold Coast are camping in Port Harcourt for the Continental event so that we will not only host but lead the medals table", he said.