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Commonwealth Games, day 11, Gold Coast

Commonwealth Games, day 11, Gold Coast

Channel 7 - who have had their fair share of critics with the Commonwealth Games coverage due to some big blunders - were accused of not showing athletes entering the stadium during the broadcast, but according to the Basil Zempilas and Johanna Griggs on the Channel 7 commentary team, the host broadcaster, NEP Australia, and organising committee made a decision to place the athletes inside the stadium before the Closing Ceremony kicked off.

The ceremony has been slammed for snubbing the athletes and denying them the recognition for their achievements during the 11 days of competition.

However, hosts Australia accumulated 198, just 31 fewer, all by themselves on the Gold Coast. The last thing they want is to stand in a field for an hour waiting to get into a closing ceremony. "But I think at this point at the Games, standing around really isn't the biggest concern given all the athletes had taken part in their events and they've competed".

"People are thinking that Channel Seven has chosen not to show pictures of athletes or not to show the flag-bearer, Kurt Fearnley or other flag-bearers".

"We wanted to get them in early, and they came in as part of the pre-show but we made a serious error of judgement by not having them in the broadcast".

"We missed out on all of that".

"There were too many speeches, I shouldn't have spoken because it bored the athletes silly", added Beattie. Unfortunately tonight, the hosts, the organising committee together with the host broadcasters just didn't get it right.

"The future looks very bright when you look at the number of teenagers we had in the squad". It was a mistake not to include the athletes coming out into the stadium. I'm furious - [it's] actually wrecking a tradition that is so important.

Therefore, Seven was unable to broadcast the athletes entry and instead they were seen to be standing on the outskirts in dark.

"Before the 2018 Commonwealth Games, national records are being dusted by home-based athletes at national trials and meets".

"We made a mistake", he said, and claimed the organising committee didn't want exhausted athletes to have to stand outside for ages waiting to come in.

Instead, we got Usain Bolt pretending to press some buttons next to the fluoro-blue-and-gold Lovecraftian Horror known as "Borobi".

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate was among the dignitaries who might have cut his contribution shorter after his pithy opening line.

Commonwealth Games Federation chief executive David Grevemberg believes the full integration is essential if the Games are to reflect the mission of the movement. "Yes we did stuff it up", he said. The calibre of athletes has been unparalleled, showcasing world record holders, sporting greats, and breakthrough performances from young athletes.