Israel probing how pro-boycott Irish mayor came despite ban

Israel probing how pro-boycott Irish mayor came despite ban

Lord Mayor Micheal Mac Donncha entered Israel on his way to the West Bank for a conference Wednesday night on the disputed status of Jerusalem.

Councillor Mac Donncha is a supporter of the boycott movement targeting Israel.

Israeli daily Haaretz said the ban order sent to airport immigration officials misspelled Mac Donncha's name and he did not therefore show up on the watch list.

The campaign calls for Palestinian refugees to be able to return to land inside Israel. The conference he is attending in Ramallah commemorated al-Husseini, including the latter's pro-Nazi stance during the war.

Deri says upon his departure Mac Donncha will be notified that he won't be allowed back.

At least 31 Palestinians have been killed by cross-border gunfire by the Israeli army since March 30 when peaceful rallies began along the Gaza Strip's roughly 45-kilometer eastern border with Israel.

The ministry said in a statement that Israel expresses its "deep disappointment and shock" over the incident.

Earlier in the week, the Dublin City Council passed a resolution calling on Ireland's government to expel the Israeli ambassador over the recent killings of Palestinian protesters in the Gaza Strip.

Mr Deri said an "inquiry is essential to avoid such breakdowns in future", adding that when Mr Mac Donncha heads home he will be given a letter forbidding him from entering Israeli territory in future.