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Kentucky governor 'guarantees' children sexually assaulted, poisoned due to school closures

Kentucky governor 'guarantees' children sexually assaulted, poisoned due to school closures

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin released a video Sunday apologizing for his comments to reporters Friday suggesting that Kentucky children were sexually assaulted or poisoned because of teacher protests.

The Republican issued his apology in a almost four-minute video posted online, saying "it is not my intent to hurt anybody in this process, but to help us all move forward together".

At least 39 school districts in Kentucky had shut down on Friday as teachers traveled to the Capitol asking legislators to override Bevin's veto of state budget and tax reform bills.

More than 30 school districts were closed, including the two largest school districts, as teachers descended onto the capitol to rally for public funding. Bevin's comments came shortly after Republican lawmakers voted to override his vetoes of an operating budget that included increased spending for public education with the help of an accompanying tax increase.

Those comments sparked backlash and responses from the Kentucky Attorney General, The Senate and House Democratic Caucuses, GOP Senator Damon Thayer, and KEA President Stephanie Winkler.

"It is my accountability to symbolize you, not exclusively after I'm talking to you, however after I'm talking in your behalf in methods which might be clear, which might be understood, that do not harm folks and do not confuse folks", he stated. "And so to the extent that I do that well, great, and to the times when I don't do it well, that's on me". And to the times when I don't do it well, that's on me.

Bevin apologized a number of occasions in Sunday's video and stated many individuals misunderstood and "didn't absolutely admire" his earlier assertion.

Sen. Ray Jones, D-Pikeville, also attacked Gov. Bevin while speaking on the Senate floor Saturday.

And after watching the video Sunday, she stated, "Severely?" That's not much of an apology.

"I feel he is gotten a lot warmth that he needed to say one thing", Cooper stated. "But it still wasn't an apology". It was nonetheless him defending his phrases. Everyone heard his words. Our educators and public workers have every right to make their voice heard, and we are deeply proud of the way they have carried themselves throughout this legislative session. "What Governor Bevin said about teachers following their peaceful rally yesterday was reprehensible, and we are proud to join with the many others who have condemned his petty, spiteful remarks".

"His insults of teachers over the previous year have been beneath the decorum of any respectable elected official", Nishimuta wrote in a statement.

Telephone messages left with spokesmen Kentucky House Republicans and the Kentucky Education Association weren't immediately returned Sunday.