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Kerala: New born baby found inside toilet duct

Kerala: New born baby found inside toilet duct

As they pulled it out, they were shocked to see a baby's head pop up. The body was found with the placenta still intact after plumbers were called in to unclog a commode, The NewsMinute reported on Saturday.

A newborn baby tragically ended up in a clinic's toilet in Kerala and was only found after two days in a decomposed state with the placenta still attached.

A 2-day-old baby girl was flushed down the toilet at a doctor's clinic in the southern Indian state of Kerala.

According to media reports, Dr Abdul Rehman was informed about the clog by his maid on Friday in his clinic's toilet. The police are verifying all the records of patients who recently visited the clinic, according to the report.

An investigation is now underway and police are trying to find the newborn's parents, who are believed to have fled. However, another possibility is that since the placenta was still attached, it is highly possible that the mother had delivered the baby inside the washroom.

After the body was recovered, the doctor filed a complaint of unnatural death.

"There wasn't much of a foul smell emanating from the toilet". Abdul Rehman immediately informed the local police which rushed to the spot and recovered the body.

The police suspect that the baby's parents had brought the girl to the clinic on the pretext of consultation and flushed the baby down the toilet.

The dead body of the toddler has been sent to Thrissur medical college for postmortem.