Last-minute tax rush begins as deadline looms

Last-minute tax rush begins as deadline looms

If you woke up in a panic realizing that today is April 15, relax. That way, you'll push your filing deadline to Monday, October 15. "If you are in an owing position, then you have to make a payment on what you think you owe".

Liberty Tax in Bismarck and the North Dakota Tax Commissioners Office are planning on staying open late to help people out. Taxpayers could examine the return and if they found it correct, sign it (on paper or online).

You have until midnight to file your taxes, or file an extension.

As of March 30, the average refund paid out so far was $2,900, according to IRS data. If you are one of those people, this is your past year to file and get that return or the US Treasury will be keeping your money.

If that's not detail enough for you, you can track when the IRS expects to direct deposit or mail yours by using the IRS' "Where's my refund?" tool, which is updated daily.

Kevin Brooks says, "My personal business, personal taxes, are tied in with my business taxes because I'm a Closed S Corporation so it takes a little longer sometimes to prepare this stuff".

Shoe Carnival: 20 percent off when you buy two or more pair of shoes. Just how bad could those legal issues be, you ask? Returns this year are due by April 17, unless you file for an automatic six-month extension.

Likewise, Rep. Mike Bishop's, R-Mich., 21st Century IRS Act requires the IRS to improve cybersecurity and identity protection, especially to stop tax refund fraud, and allows more people to file online, including with debit or credit cards.

Owe more than you can afford? For every large pizza purchased between April 17-19, guests will get one large cheese pizza free.

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"The final day the state will accept tax returns will be May 15th". Limit five per customer at participating locations.

To keep Uncle Sam happy, pay your taxes by the April 17 deadline. Just mention "made from scratch".

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Double checking Social Security numbers and make sure you include them for all filers and dependent.

To be considered timely, your taxes must be postmarked by the U.S. Postal Service by 11:59 p.m.

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