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More than half of the United Kingdom wants public vote on Brexit deal

More than half of the United Kingdom wants public vote on Brexit deal

Actor Sir Patrick Stewart told Marr said that if people voted to reject the exit deal, the United Kingdom would "simply stay" in the EU.

The day of action is being organised by the European Movement, Open Britain and Britain for Europe, with more than 100 events planned across the United Kingdom, from Aberdeen to Falmouth.

Speaking at the rally, Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas said: "We'll do everything we can in Parliament for a people's vote".

Both Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservatives and the main opposition Labour Party have ruled out a second referendum after Britons voted 52-48 percent to leave the bloc nearly two years ago, and the country is due to leave the European Union in March next year.

"Brexit is not inevitable.

It should not be a done deal", said Open Britain executive director James McGrory.

Anne Weyman, vice chair of Britain for Europe, stated: "We may come from different political parties, different traditions and different groups, but we are united by our desire for the people to have their say on the Brexit deal and we are determined to make sure their voice is heard loud and clear". It should not be a done deal.

The actor even said that his X-Men character Charles Xavier would have supported the Remain campaign.

"As time has gone by. the information that we are receiving about the terms and conditions of that separation are quite unlike the terms and conditions that were spoken of so loosely during the 2016 campaign", he told the BBC.

He added that "history and emotion" led him to want to stay in the EU.

The People's Vote campaign wants a referendum so the public can ratify or reject the final Brexit agreement.

The UK voted to exit the European Union by 51.9% to 48.1% in June 2016.

Mrs May has already received a boost from Canadian premier Justin Trudeau who said he would be happy to open talks with Britain "the day after" the country leaves the EU.

Asked what he would say to people who voted for Brexit, he told the programme "what we are doing is in their benefit".

"We'll be able to have, not only a huge free trade deal with our friends and partners across the channel, but we'll be able to boldly go to areas we perhaps neglected over the past five years".