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No decision on Syria yet, Trump weighing all options - WH

No decision on Syria yet, Trump weighing all options - WH

Biological samples from the area of the alleged chemical attack in Syria have tested positive for chlorine and a sarin-like nerve agent, according to a United States official familiar with the United States analysis of the test results.

"For us, a normalization of chemical weapons use is a threat for our collective security that can not go without a response", a source in Macron's office told AFP.

"Germany will not take part in possible - there have not been any decisions yet, I want to stress that - military action", Merkel said following a meeting with Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen in Berlin.

Asked about the chances of a doomsday scenario in which Russian and American blood will be spilled as result of the US-led military action, Zakharova said that Moscow and Washington have all the means to prevent such a showdown and its potentially disastrous consequences.

The Russian ambassador, Vasily A. Nebenzya, accused the United States and its allies of reckless Middle East warmongering by threatening Syria with military force.

"I never said when will the attack on Syria". "I just want to remind you one more time it's 2018, it's not the middle of the 20th century", she said, adding that in a time of instant communications there's no reason "why people who are in charge of our security and worldwide peace can't talk". Russian Federation and Syria have been calling for the worldwide investigation of the alleged attack.

Mr. Mattis said options would be discussed with Mr.Trump at a meeting of his National Security Council on Thursday afternoon.

In London, British Prime Minister Theresa May held an emergency cabinet meeting to discuss support for U.S. action against the Syrian regime.

Asked about the risks of USA military retaliation, Mattis cited two concerns, starting with avoiding civilian casualties. United States lawmakers questioned whether Trump has the legal authority to order strikes without Congressional approval and opposition parties voiced concern.

But French President Emmanuel Macron said France has proof chemical weapons, including chlorine, were used. More broadly, he doubted the wisdom of bombing.

US President Donald Trump is weighing all options on the table with regard to Syria as he holds the Syrian regime and Russian Federation responsible for the latest chemical weapons attack, the White House said today, adding that no final decision has been taken yet on the military response. And as recently as March 29, Trump mulled ending US military action in Syria now that the Islamic State's presence and power there is decimated. Russia's ambassador to Lebanon said any missiles fired at Syria would be shot down and the launching sites targeted a stark warning of a potential major confrontation.