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Parents of Alfie Evans suffer new defeat in battle for treatment overseas

Parents of Alfie Evans suffer new defeat in battle for treatment overseas

Despite this latest defeat, Tom Evans vowed that he and Alfie's mother Kate James will continue fighting, and will appeal Hayden's ruling to the UK Supreme Court.

Alfie, now 23 months old, is in a "semi-vegetative state" at Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool as the result of a degenerative neurological condition that doctors have been unable to definitively identify.

Tom Evans and Kate James, the parents of the critically ill child Alfie Evans, filed a last-minute appeal on April 12 to try to save Alfie's life by having him treated at a foreign hospital after Justice Anthony Hayden of the U.K. High Court ruled that he should be taken off life support by April 13.

The toddler's family have said they are accompanied by their own doctors, have removed duty of care from the hospital and placed it with their air ambulance, and have a jet ready to take the child to Italy.

The U.K. High Court, appeals courts, and the European Court of Human Rights have all sided with the decision of hospital staff that continued treatment for Alfie would be futile and that his best interest is to die.

Monsignor Vincenzo Paglia, head of the Pontifical Academy of Life, a Vatican bioethics think tank, said earlier today that Alfie's parents and hospital officials should work together so his life isn't 'reduced to a legal dispute'.

"We will never give up on you, Alfie".

It comes as about 50 friends were filmed standing outside Alder Hey hospital this evening in protest at a judges ruling in favour of switching off the child's life support. They want to move Alfie to a hospital in Rome.

Tom Evans Alfie’s father said the fight was ‘is not over’ as he and Alfie’s mum Kate James were blocked by the Supreme Court from taking the toddler to Italy for medical treatment
Parents of Alfie Evans suffer new defeat in battle for treatment overseas

They also rejected a request for the case to go to the Supreme Court.

Save Alfie Evans! Tell the hospital to let his parents take him home.

Diamond said he will file an appeal with the Supreme Court by Tuesday afternoon, The Liverpool Echo reported.

Alfie's parents say their son has improved in recent weeks and had asked Mr Justice Hayden to allow a new assessment.

Barrister Paul Diamond, who represented Alfie's parents, on Monday asked the three appeal judges to overturn decisions made by Mr Justice Hayden last week. Moylan argued, however, that both Bambino Gesu staff and staff at Alder Hey agree that no hope remains for curative or preventative treatment for Alfie and that he should receive end of life care.

He said medical experts' unanimous view was that Alfie's brain had been eroded by disease and further assessment was pointless.

He also dismissed the suggestion that Alfie was being unlawfully detained an Alder Hey and refused to grant a writ of habeas corpus.

The protests have divided opinion as some people on social media have used the hashtag #ImWithAlderHey to raise concerns about the protests and show support for the hospital staff.