PM heaps praises on Ambedkar

PM heaps praises on Ambedkar

"Our daughters will definitely get justice", said Modi during the inauguration of BR Ambedkar memorial in New Delhi. "Bijapur excelled and so we made a decision to launch the ambitious health scheme from here on Ambedkar Jayanti", Modi said during his hour-long speech and hoped what Bijapur can achieve in 100 days the remaining aspirational districts can also do so. It also aims to provide a cover of Rs 5 lakh per family per year for secondary and tertiary healthcare for 10 crore poor and vulnerable families.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the world in a globally broadcast live event from the historic Central Hall Westminster in London during his visit to the United Kingdom, following in the footsteps of speakers such as Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.

This was the prime minister's fourth visit to Chhattisgarh, where assembly elections are due later the year.

"If Bijapur can see development in 100 days then why can't the other districts witness the same?" We gave each one a three-month to show their growth capacity and development on the given indicators.

PM Modi announced that he will not call the districts in Chhattisgarh as "backward". "Ironically they remained backward despite vast natural resources available with them", Modi stated.

"Ambedkars Constitution had provided many opportunities for development of these districts but still they remained backward", the prime minister said. "If the district administration, public representatives and the people join hands in a mass movement, unprecedented results can be achieved".

Appealing to Maoists, Modi referenced Ambedkar and said, "I want to tell the youth who have taken to the path of violence that Babasaheb has given us the Constitution, all the protection you want is in the Constitution".

Apart from the first phase of Ayushman Bharat scheme, Modi launched the Van Dhan scheme announced in the budget.