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School board, community members recognized

School board, community members recognized

The board also is expected to renew its PowerSchool electronic student management system for $30,926.

School board president Elisa Ferrell said Huntsville schools will be fine with or without Akin.

Akin told Gulf Shores School Board during his interview that he wanted to be a part of a smaller school district and more hands on.

Public high schools can not get the amounts of money from sponsorships that universities do, though, he said, because much of the university sponsorships are through alumni networks.

Following release of the report, board Chairperson Clare Wool said, "The newly elected School Board and Superintendent are eager to move forward committed to the unified goals of the district".

Decreased enrollment will bring with it a decrease in the number of teachers needed, he said.

"I think $105 million is an enormous step forward", Auerbach said, explaining that it is still an amount that the Avon Grove community could afford. Rogers said the state system for financing schools is so outdated they still get the same allotment for gasoline that they did in the 1980s. After months of meetings to discuss facilities planning, the board members' views on the issue had didn't need to be restated.

Dr. Akin was one of 27 applicants for the Gulf Shores job, however he was the only candidate the District interviewed for the position.

Dahman was hired as superintendent before the 2015-16 school year. "Absolutely. I'm not saying that we're 100 percent", he said.

At the January 23 board meeting, Porter said that Wick had made the following statement: "I understand we need to hire more teachers of color, but have we gone too far in hiring district leadership of color?" I will work tirelessly with the board and staff to ensure Huntsville City Schools will have all the elements in place to start the 2018-2019 school year.

He has not returned multiple requests for comment, and the district has declined to comment. Beatty, Auerbach, and Rick Dumont all said that they thought the district's needs could be met with $105 million in spending.

That will include signs at the stadium's two main entrances and four other places in the stadium, decals or logos on the gym floor, announcements during games and being able to set up tables or tents with information at two basketball games and two football games, he said.

First, the school board, despite the 5-4 vote that gave the project the go-ahead, is right to embrace a build-it-right-the-first-time attitude.