Six Nations' OMSK remembers Humboldt Broncos hockey team

Six Nations' OMSK remembers Humboldt Broncos hockey team

"They are also requesting everyone using social media networks to respect their privacy as well".

Dallas Puto, who worked at École Secondaire Notre Dame High School and at St. Gabriel Cyber School, coached Jacob Leicht, Jacob Wassermann and Morgan Gobeil on the Broncos midget team during the 2015-2016 season.

Eleven chants of "Go Broncos Go" rang through the rafters, followed by 11 seconds of horns and noisemakers, to honour her son's jersey number.

Several cities in Western Canada have seen donation increases of about 25 per cent above their averages, including Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton, while at least one clinic in Saskatchewan had a 50 per cent increase, said spokesman Hailu Mulatu.

"I think it'll be something that really sticks with them and I don't think it's something they'll easily forget", she said.

The rinks that still had their ice down allowed players to stand side-by-side.

She says Humboldt residents have brought in coffee and treats and offered their services as the business works around the clock to fill what it estimates to be hundreds of orders.

Adam Herold, who was 16 and the youngest member of the team, will be laid to rest in Montmartre, east of Regina.

"This is an incredibly emotional and trying time for Broncos families". "He was interested and cared about everyone".

The service for Glen Doerksen, who has the bus driver, is set for Carrot River, Saskatchewan.

Among the attendees were two RCMP officers wearing their red serge, and a group of men wearing hockey jerseys.

Shortly after "Amazing Grace" was played, a man carrying an urn from the hall and a woman holding Doerksen's picture entered a white limousine.